Official Board

(Meets the fourth Thursday of the month)

Interim Co-chairs: Liz Nickerson and Carol Nasar
Note takers:  Pat Brennan-Alpert and Tanya Nicholson
Treasurer: Sean Foreman

Our “Governing Body” is referred to as the “Official Board”.  We are committed to presenting a monthly summary of our work.

Official Board Terms of Reference

Governance Handbook

2020 Annual Report

Monthly Minutes

Other Committees that help to guide us in our work:

Next Horizons

Chair:  Rod MacInnis        Note Taker: Amy Thurlow
We balance our time between finding a permanent home for St. John’s and building a strategic plan.
Next Horizons Terms of Reference


Chair: Scott McCrossin 


Chair: Jim Sharpe

Christian Development

Chair: Mary Ellen Rainey

Outreach Lead Team

Chair: Jacomyn Gerbandy

Worship & Music

Chair: Carol Nsar

Ministry & Personnel

Chair : Judy Schmidbauer

M&P Terms of Reference