Official Board

(Meets the third Thursday of the month)

Chair: Tanya Nicholson
Vice Chair: Margot Metcalf
Treasurer: Sean Foreman

Our “Governing Body” is referred to as the “Official Board”.  We are committed to presenting a monthly summary of our work.

Official Board Terms of Reference

Governance Handbook

A Message from the Board 

Other Committees that help to guide us in our work:

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Implementation Team

Team Members:  Louisa Horne, Rod MacInnis, & Amy Thurlow

The purpose of the Implementation Team is to guide the Official Board and Congregation of St. John’s United Church in the transition to the Stanley Street location through clear communication between and for the three working groups.  Click here to learn more about the Implementation Team and Working Groups.

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Chair: Scott McCrossin              Note Taker: Margo Kirk
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Chair: Jim Sharpe
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Christian Development

Chair: Mary Ellen Rainey
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Outreach Lead Team

Chair: Jacomyn Gerbandy                       Note Taker: Elizabeth Conrad

Worship & Music

Chair: Heather Bagnell
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Ministry & Personnel

Chair : 

M&P Terms of Reference