Rev. Hubert Den Draak, Principal Minister

Hubert Den Draak, Principal Minister

(Pronouns: He/Him)

I grew up in Holland where I worked as a journalist and then as a filmmaker with my own film studio. When a studio in Toronto invited me to join them as a senior director, Jacomyn and I didn’t think twice (even though we’d only just met) and immigrated to Canada where we felt immediately at home. 

But God had other plans, and within a few years I found myself pulled toward accountable ministry in the United Church, and graduated from Winnipeg’s Centre for Christian Studies as a Diaconal Minister.
In hindsight, my career switch from film to ministry wasn’t as dramatic as it might seem. Ultimately, it’s all about storytelling and connecting with people. And do we ever have a story to tell!
That’s what Jesus did in his ministry: he told stories that people could relate to, and it changed their lives. Powerful stories about justice, hope and forgiveness. Stories of God’s coming reign of peace and grace for all. Stories about belonging and being loved for who you are. We just have to look around us now to realize it’s a story that’s more relevant than ever before.
For Jacomyn and me, faith is foundational for the way we live and the choices we make every single day of our lives. I believe we’re called to live what we preach, and am less concerned about what people believe in than how they act and the choices they make. What counts is: is it transformative for others and you? Does it help bring God’s realm closer for all? Does it challenge the status quo?
I’m very much looking forward to finding out together where the Spirit is calling us next and how to live into Christ’s story even better!