“Following Jesus. Embracing Difference. Making a Difference.” 


That’s how we describe ourselves in a nutshell. 

It means we take the Bible seriously, but not literally. We seek to create a safe and inclusive community of faith to explore faith and spirituality. No secret handshakes, no unwritten dress code.

Be yourself.

Too many churches expect you to check off a list of doctrines or dogmas, stuff to believe in and ways to behave – well, not here! We welcome tough questions and differences, and we believe that a robust faith includes independent thinking alongside of an openness to the sacred, however you understand this.

Open and Affirming.

We are an open and affirming church, which means we fully embrace all people no matter what your beliefs, gender, sexuality or abilities may be. We simply wouldn’t be complete without each other.

Embracing Difference.

We do our best to cultivate an environment that will inspire and encourage each person on their unique spiritual journey. And along the way we make sure to often laugh, sing and eat together.

Where faith and life issues meet.

We seek to bring the world into the church and our faith, and then we turn around and seek to bring our faith into the world around us. We hope that others will somehow see Christ’s reflection in us, and we try to recognize Christ in everyone we meet. 

Welcome to St. John’s! Perfect people not invited…

Rhonda Schofield


(Pronouns: She/Her)

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Ray Grant

Music Minister

(Pronouns: He/Him)

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Connie Robinson

Office Administrator

(Pronouns: She/Her)

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