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With the exciting new initiatives that have been approved, a question was raised asking if we can pay pledged donations online by email transfer or by credit card. Yes, we can! And here is how:

We promote the PAR (Pre-Authorized Remittance) program run by the United Church of Canada, where you can make a monthly donation from a bank account or credit card (these payments are collected by the United Church, and then deposited to our main account on the 20th day of each month).

PAR is a great program, as it allows us to have a reliable cash flow of income every month of the year, particularly through the slower summer months when weekly attendance is lower. If you would like to switch to PAR from weekly envelopes, please see Marilyn at the Church Office or contact Sean Foreman directly and we will get that setup for you!

Other payments or funds beyond your regular envelope or PAR offerings can also be paid in cash or cheque, as well as by Interac Email Transfer or credit card. To pay by Interac Email Transfer (now offered for free by most banks), you can send payments using the main email address for the church ( using your online banking. You select a password (and provide the hint) when making the payment; the payments come to the church by email, are deposited into our main account, and Marilyn adds them to your donations for the year. Itís simple and easy, and we do not pay a service charge to receive an Interac email transfer.

If you prefer to pay funds using your credit card, this must be done using CanadaHelps. Again, itís quick and simple. Payments made using CanadaHelps provide a tax receipt to you directly - we simply receive the funds (minus a 3% service charge).

How you pay is entirely up to you and your preference! Whichever method you use, they are all safe, secure, and completely private. Rest assured your donations are allocated appropriately and recorded to your donation total for the year so they are recorded on your annual charitable tax receipt provided by the Church in February each year for your tax return. However and whatever amount you pay, we receive with thanks for your support and commitment to the vital mission and work of our community of faith.

As a reminder, to move forward with the new Refugee Sponsorship, we need to collect all pledges by the end of April 2019!

As always if you have any questions, or want more information (including how you can include St. Johnís United in your estate planning as part of your stewardship to the Church), please speak to Sean Foreman when you see him at church or contact him anytime.

Many thanks!

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