Hear our Prayers for Those for Whom Christmas is Just Another Day of Survival.

By Stephanie Reidy, December 28, 2013

Loving God,
As this year comes to a close, let us take a moment to pause… to take a breath in this space between Christmas celebrations, and those of the New Year.

Compassionate God,
In this season full of beauty and pageantry, it is sometimes easy to forget that Christmas isn’t always a time of peace and joy.

Please hear our prayers for the people of the world for whom Christmas was just another day of struggle, survival, or recovery.

As we have delighted in giving gifts to our children, we pray for the children of the world who need the gifts of health, food and clean water. We pray that they will someday know such simple comfort.

Gracious God,
For some of us, Christmas is full of love, incredible food, and thoughtful gifts… please help us always to be profoundly grateful for this richness of life.

For others of us, Christmas is a difficult time full of tension and brokenness. It may be the first Christmas with an empty chair where a loved one used to sit, or a time of battle with

physical or mental illness. Perhaps it is lonely days or cold nights without a home. Please continue to give us strength and help us hold onto hope for better days.

Please hear these prayers offered for all of us, no matter what this week has held. Help us to remember that we always have more of your grace than we are aware, and we will always need more than we realize.

Loving God,
During the Christmas season, it is easy for us to smile and be merry… easy to be generous with our time and our friendship.

Please help us carry this loving spirit into the New Year, help us remember how little effort it takes to be kind and how much joy it can bring us.


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