Help Us, Not Only as a United People, but as a Uniting People.

By Katie Aven, June 14, 2015

Holy God
Are we your people?
We try to be the people that You call us to be.
We try to be united in the work of love in action.
Help us, not only as a united people, but as a uniting people.

Help us to bring together everyone and everything in the web of life, Earth our home.

United us with Christians everywhere who strive to bring Christís message of love and compassion to a broken world.

Empower us to be a uniting force for our government leaders, that we may empower them to inspired leadership and equitable representation.

In our neighbourhoods, our schools, our jobs, at the grocery store, the bus stop and on the street, unite us with those who do not have enough to eat, enough to give, and with those who have not received enough love.

Let Your love for the poor in body and the poor in spirit draw us closer to those who suffer.

We pray for the United Church of Canada, and the congregation of St. Johnís. May we be united and uniting as we turn our hearts to a new chapter in our life together.

Lord, give us courage to be your united people.
Give us strength to be a uniting people.
Help us to answer the call to be your people,
That we may have the wisdom to know You are our God.


  Uniting People
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