Thank You for This Day.

By Patrica Brennan-Alpert, December 12, 2010

Dear God, thank you for this day. We rejoice in it!

We thank you especially for the children and youth of our community and city. We thank you for the universities and colleges that draw young people from Canada and the world to Halifax. They enliven every part of our public life here. May we have the eyes to see what they show us and ears to hear what they teach us.

God, we thank you for the steadfastness of our church family. When we travel and come back, when we return to church after other demands have kept us away, we rejoice to be welcomed back into worship and this ongoing fellowship.

Gracious God, we turn to you in silence to thank you for the particular joys of our lives.


Loving God, you see the sparrow fall. Help us to bear witness to the suffering and injustice in the world—to not turn away.

We have seen floods in Pakistan, sea level rise in other vulnerable coastal communities and the effects of “crazy weather”, yet governments haven’t been able to agree on effective ways to cope with climate change. Let us take up the slack.

Let us look more deeply into the sources of the food we eat, the goods and energy we consume. Our choices connect us to farmers and producers and all of Earth. May exploiting and destructive connections fall away as we look more deeply. May friendliness, curiosity and mutual benefit connect us as we look more and more deeply.

God, we bring you our deepest concerns for our world and ourselves in silence.


Holy one, if we lack the wisdom and resources of the 3 kings to follow your lead, give us the humility of Mary and Joseph: to say yes to the energy of creation, salvation; yes to your steadfast love.


  Graphic by Elaine Frampton
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