God of Love, Stretch our capacity to wish your blessings on all people.

By Patrica Brennan-Alpert, September 19, 2010

Dear God, We sit here quietly.

We feel your presence gathering us in. Thank you for the gifts that have come out of the challenges we have faced so far as a church: knowing ourselves, knowing each other and knowing you in a deeper way. You live in the friendship and fellowship we have at St. Johnís.

God of Grace, bless the people sitting on every side of us. Bless them with well-being, health, security, curiosity, loving kindness, generosity and peace. Dear God, extend these blessing to all peoples who come from the same ancient tradition of worshipping you: all Muslims, Jews and us --followers of Jesus.

Please bless our leaders and teachers: Linda, Ray, Alana, the implementation team, and all our many lay ministers, old and young.

We ask your blessing also on the leaders of the city, the nation and the world. We need their gifts to find our way in the fast-changing world.

God, we pray for the most vulnerable. We are afraid of illness, hard times, and broken relationships. We are shaken by the floods, famines, disease, and violence that strike. Keep us from the temptations of denial. Keep us from the temptations of blaming the people who suffer. Breathe through our hearts so we can move with these fearsome changes, We know you donít leave any of us alone to deal with them.

God of Love, Stretch our capacity to wish your blessings on all people. May we all have happy thoughts. May none of us hurt each other through anger or ill-will. May we all have what we need. May we all be fortunate enough to hear your voice and find the freedom that comes from trusting you.

In the strong name of Jesus we pray,


This prayer takes a lot from a Buddhist prayer:

Buddhist Prayer (Metta Surtra Ė The Sutra on Loving Kindness)

May I be free from greed, hate and delusion

May I be full of self-sacrifice, love and understanding.

I charge my heart, which is now temporarily pure, with thoughts of Loving Kindness. I charge every cell of my being with Loving Kindness.

I build, a healthy, happy, aura of Loving Kindness around me, so that no wicked thought or evil intention can penetrate. Now I am protected.

I now send forth thoughts of Loving Kindness, to all beings and creatures, to everything animate and inanimate, to everything that has taken rise in consciousness, and to everything still in its causal state.

I send forth these thoughts around me, around my dwelling, around my district, around the continent, and around the world.

Loving Kindness to all, Loving Kindness to all, around the universe, Loving Kindness to all. Around the cosmos Loving Kindness, Loving Kindness to all.

Loving Kindness to all those who dwell above, Loving Kindness to all those who dwell below.

May all beings and creatures, everything animate and inanimate, everything that has reached consciousness and everything that in its causal state, may be happily minded. May none hurt each other in anger and in ill will.

May their minds be wholesome. May all have sufficient for their needs. May all be fortunate enough to encounter the sacred teachings.

Humbly, I accept the Loving thoughts of everyone in return. None excluded.

And now I share the benefit of this meditation with everyone!

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