You Call us in the Voice of the Great Storms.

By Patrica Brennan-Alpert, January 9, 2011

Holy God,

You call us in the voice of the great storms.

You call us in the sound of birdsí wings.

We hear your still small voice in fellowship and when we are alone.

You call us to help your kingdom come on earth.

Your voice orients us in the confusion of life.

We can find the good path, the right way, because you walk with us.

In silence we offer our praise and thanks.

Blessed God, as we are gathered here and connected in you, we ask that the loving energy of our prayers touch the ones we pray for.

We pray for friends and relatives who are lonely, sick, at the end of their ropes, burdened with worry, grief or fear. Let them feel our care and know they are not alone.

We pray our teachers and leaders can draw on your strength and patience. May they find refreshment and joy in your presence.

We pray for the powerful. God, bless their good intentions. May they find guidance in you.

We pray for poor hungry, wounded, scared people here and every where.

We pray for prisoners, slaves, the oppressed and abused right here and everywhere

We want for them what we want for ourselves;

To reach through our preoccupations and live nourished by your love,

To trust in you enough to be free

In silence we bring our concerns to you.

We pray in Jesus name,


  Graphic by Elaine Frampton
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