God of Steadfast Love.

By Dianne Dubowski, June 20, 2016

God of Steadfast Love

We give thanks for this June day and this time of worship. Somehow we were all called to be in this place together as we listen for your word for us as followers of Christ.

We are grateful for this season of spring. The bright greening of the earth, the plants, trees and planting of seeds for a later harvest reminds us of your never-ending presence.

Together in a safe gathering place over time our faith is nurtured, our faith is challenged, our faith is inspired, our faith is shaken and our faith restored.

Throughout all our days as individuals, your spirit works in us and through us. It is so for the United Church of Canada and in this caring congregation of St Johnís. We pray for and give thanks for all the teachers and followers, past and present. May we always seek to be your faithful servants in our homes, communities and in the world.

God, there is so much trouble, hunger, violence, pain and suffering in our communities and around your world. We pray that all leaders around the beautiful earth find the wisdom and will to seek justice, love mercy, and tenderly care for the environment and all people everywhere.

God of Comfort, we pray for young and old who are sick in body, mind or spirit. We ask your healing be upon them. Silently now we raise to you the people and situations known to us and the troubling matters in our lives.

Lastly we pray for our Congregation at St Johnís. May your spirit guide us in all we think, say and do.

As we find our way forward, let us not be afraid, illumine the path for us as we continue along on a faith filled journey.

We humbly offer these prayers to you.


  God of Steadfast Love
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