Thank you for this day, this community,
this Spring.

By Kathy Cawsey, April 14, 2019

Dear God,

Thank you for the wee green shoots poking up from the ground more and more each day, and the sunrise that comes earlier each day; and thank you that here in Canada we have such a vivid example of the new life and light you bring out of cold and darkness.

We pray today for those who cannot see this new life or new beginnings, whether because they are too caught up in daily busy-ness, or too deep in depression to feel it.

We pray for those who have just received a new diagnosis of a disease, and those who are dealing with chronic illness; those who are feeling the sharp pain of recent grief, and those who suffer daily the dull ache of a loss long ago; those who are unjustly imprisoned, and those who are in prison because of a crime they did commit; those who are hungry; those who are homeless; those who are lost.

We pray now in the silence of our hearts for those we know who are close to us, and for those who are far away whom we’ve never met.

We lift them up to you as a child lifts up a hand, sure that it will be taken.

Today we pray especially for our brothers and sisters at the Imam mosque, who have had to increase their security because there are people here in Halifax who think the Christchurch shooter was right.

We pray for Quebec, which under the guise of secularism is considering a fundamentally racist law that will most impact the most vulnerable.

We pray for Halifax, that we may do away with the racist practice of street checks. We pray for Europe, for America, for Canada, where anti-immigrant and racist attitudes are becoming policy and winning elections. Let us all be relentless in pushing our politicians and leaders to enact laws of tolerance and acceptance.

We also pray for the individuals so empty inside, so in pain, that they try to fill those empty spaces with hatred, rather than love.

We pray for people who are attracted to ideologies based on hate because it makes them feel powerful and superior – help them find humility, and kindness, and the true comfort and power of your love.

We pray most especially for those so-called fellow-Christians who sincerely believe they are doing right, and who in your name take actions of hate – even though your name is a synonym for love.

Help us acknowledge that we are all immigrants here in Canada. Help us, when we have thoughts and assumptions based on racism rather than acceptance to squash down those instincts and act out of love. Lead us into humility, and UNcertainty, and UNself-righteousness, and UNcomfortableness, certain only of your radical love for us and for every individual in your creation.


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