Prayer for the Winter Solstice.

By Sharon Nicolle, December 21, 2014

Dear God,

This is the day when our earth begins to shift on its axis and the light of spring will very slowly start to creep back into our skies.

But for now it is the bleak early winter, no leaves, few sunny days, not even the novelty of fresh snow to look at.

But we have Christmas, for most of us, a wonderful time of year! Help us to see beyond the secular Christmas, that can become as much of an obligation as a celebration. There is so much to be done!

Help us to focus on the reason for Christmas, the birth of Jesus, the incarnation of Your love for the world. Remind us of Mary and Joseph who accepted the Angel's words though they must have had so many questions and doubts!

Lord, we pray for those for whom Christmas will not be a happy time: for homeless youth, for the sick, for those recently bereaved of loved ones, for those who are discouraged, exhausted or feeling hopeless. Show them that there is hope and that hope comes in the example of Jesus, who from his humble birth, showed us how to love.

So let us rejoice in that hope! Let us socialize with friends and family with traditional cheer.

As of today, though we may have lots of shovelling and shivering to do, let us remember our winter is on the wane and spring will come again.

Joy to the world!


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