Our Work Together Continues to Counterbalance Cruelty and Hatred.

By Katherine Harman, November 11, 2014

Creator, who continually teaches the message of peace and love,

How it must tear your heart to witness the cruelty and hatred around us. But we are here to pray and say that your message and our work together continues to counterbalance those forces, just as it has for thousands of years.

Remembrance Day is always confusing for me, when I think of what was written in Matthew “I desire mercy and not sacrifice”, but am also called to honour and remember those who have participated in conflict, who have lost their lives, or have been harmed.

Open our hearts to the realities of conflict and help the powers of peace, mercy and love travel into all areas of conflict among humans.

Lord of mercy, love, faith and generosity… help us all as a congregation of Christians to see that faith and trust will help us find our way through our own daily individual and collective lives. Help us to look the other in the eye, provide them support and walk awhile with them.

In particular, as we adjust to new leadership with Martha, help us support her and embrace the gift of her talents. And support us as we explore the needs of the congregation for the future.

Walk with the leaders of our communities and our nation… helping them to make good decisions every day, caring for our great country.

God, who knows our hearts and minds, be with those women and men who are confronting the thoughts and beliefs of society as they struggle against judgement. In particular, I am thinking of those who have never reported harassment or assault. Give them the strength to find support and contribute to changing the silence.

We pray also for those people on our streets and not on our streets who do not have enough to eat, are cold and live lives without direction. May the spirit of God that is here with us penetrate into them and others so that they might feel that they are not alone.

Dear God, smile on us, your people, that we might experience the power of your love and through us may your work be done.


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