The Bow in the Sky.

By Sharon Nicolle, February 26, 2012

Dear God,

We are grateful to come together today to worship You, to share a little food and fellowship and to discuss the work of St. John's: our work in Your name.

Bless all those who have offered to serve on committees, who continue to serve and we thank those whose terms have ended.

Bless our ministers, our staff and our congregation. Grant us strength, wisdom and patience as we continue in 'the desert', awaiting what will become of our re-development plans. Keep us mindful of the hope in Your covenant with Moses symbolized by "the bow in the sky".

We especially pray today, and throughout Lent, for all those who do not have enough to eat. Lord, may we be generous and willing to share through Food Banks and charities. And make us truly grateful for what we have.

In Jesus' name,


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