Powerful, healing and welcoming God.

By Stephanie Reidy, February 17, 2019

Powerful God,
Sometimes it feels easier to take the trail that avoids what is difficult or uncomfortable, even when we are unsure it itís the direction we should be going; simpler to disregard what we donít understand or what is unfamiliar, rather than make an effort to learn and open ourselves to acceptance.

For our world leaders, whether they are a young and newly elected President in El Salvador or a revered dynastic king in Thailand, we pray they have the strength to choose paths that will advance the welfare of their people regardless of the challenges that may lay before them.

God of Love, hear our prayers.

Healing God,
We are so fortunate to live in a country that consistently ranks as a global example in terms of safety, healthcare, and education but we must also recognize our weaknesses.

We pray for compassion as our country continues to acknowledge tremendous wrongs perpetrated against our Indigenous Peoples, and strives to grow a culture that embraces differences and fights against inequality. And continue to guide us as we welcome new people to our land.

God of Love, hear our prayers.

Welcoming God,
Even when we are unsure of our path or we falter on our journey, we are blessed to have a safe space here at St. Johnís, both within these walls and within this congregation.

We have come together today, some of us for quiet comfort and support, and some to join with other voices and sing in celebration. We pray that others who are searching will find a place where they feel just as welcome.

We are filled with gratitude, for like the smallest seed that can become a tree, you have given us the potential to grow and provide shelter to those in need.

God of Love, hear our prayers.


  sure of our path
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