Help Us To Remember That We Are Not Alone.

By Katie Aven, December 2016

Holy God, Creator of Life,

Hear our prayers.

Our world is changing.

Help us to remember that in times of change and distress, the prophets have spoken.

They have urged us to wake from our peaceful dreams, to see that our beds are on fire.

We are awake, Lord. We are awake.

When we are gripped by fear, anxiety and anguish, help us to hear Your word.

Help us to feel Your presence.

Help us to be Your eyes, Your hands, Your heart.

Give us courage to stand with the fearful and oppressed.

Give us wisdom in the face of ignorance and conceit.

Help us to love in the presence of intolerance and hate, for we know that love is always the best revenge.

Help our government at all levels stay faithful to the ideals of multi-cultural democracy.

Be with our church as we labour to re-form ourselves in this urgently changing world.

And be with us, Lord, in times of darkness and fear, and in times of peace and joy.

Remind us that Your love is written on our hearts.

Help us to remember that in life, in death, in life beyond death, we are not alone.


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