A New Year

By Sharon Nicolle, January 2, 2011

Dear God,

Thank you for another new year and for the magnificence of the earth you have given us. Thank you for this time of celebrating the birth of Jesus: the music, the colours, the joy and fellowship of Christmas.

But in spite of the beauty and abundance that surrounds us, there is still monstrous sadness in our world. From wars and violence to hunger and pain of many kinds; from the seemingly unstoppable waves of climate change, we often feel overwhelmed. We feel helpless to be able to make a difference. We need your guidance, Lord, to leave the past behind and to reach out to help, even in small ways.

We ask your blessings and strength for all who are trying to bring peace, or health-care or awareness of injustice, to countries where they are desperately needed: Haiti, Afghanistan, Egypt and so many others.

As we leave this busy season which often takes us far from the quiet of the stable, help us to calm down, to breathe, to step back from the whirl of social networks, of sensationalist entertainment and media hype in order to experience the real light of the world in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. We pause now to share with you our deepest concerns...

Dear God, as we enter 2011, let us re-think how we are living our lives; how we may find the strength to cope with challenge and to put our morals and values into practice. Let us smile more, to ourselves and to others. Let us heed and be consoled by the words of the Psalmist who said long ago: I have calmed and quieted my soul and will hope in the Lord from this time on and forevermore.


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