Your Word is Truly a Lamp to Our Feet, in the Darkness of Our Flight.

By Pat Brennan-Alpert, January 4, 2015

God, our Light,

Your word is truly a lamp to our feet, in the darkness of our flight. You are with us when we run away from the slaughter of the innocents to save our children. You are with us when we run away from some awful truth we can’t face.

The poet said, “Every heart to love must come, but like a refugee.” We do come to you like refugees, broken-hearted and empty handed. But you have shown us another way, telling us to love our God, our Neighbors and also our enemies.

When we let go of our opinions and aversions, we have seen you in the eyes of our enemy. We see what we call ‘Common Humanity’. We see that we are siblings, both created in your image.

God our Refuge, our father and mother, let us be free of hateful ideas, greed and ignorance as we pray for our families and our community, and the people among them whom we disagree with or hold in aversion. Give us the grace to seek and to find the values we share in common, and the good intentions we both hold.

Bless all of us in this congregation. We each are active in ministries. Especially we ask your blessings on Martha, Ray, Heidi, Gail; and the transition team, Sean, Katherine, Lesley, Deidre, Jim and Louisa as they work with Reverend Jeanne and Margaret towards the process for interim ministry.

Bless the good intentions of the powerful leaders of our time; the ones we look up to and the ones we rail against. Let us align ourselves with their good intentions and loving visions.

Bless the most vulnerable with peace and ease; those of us who are ill or afflicted, those of us in prison, those of us outcast by prejudice or self-exile. May we be friends to each other in our loneliness, protectors and comforters for each other in our fear and despair.

Last we pray for ourselves. Free us from greed, hate and delusion so we can love you, ourselves, our neighbours, and our enemies; so your kingdom may come to earth, as Jesus our brother and savior promised.

In His name we pray,


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