We Are on The Journey Through Advent.

By Dianne Dubowski, December 14, 2014

Loving and faithful God, we give thanks for this day, this time and this place. Worshiping together in safety is a privilege many do not share, so we are grateful for this time. We thank you for children and the gifts they share.

We are on the journey through Advent, a road where we begin anew learning and receiving your gifts of hope, peace, joy and love. Refresh us God.

Our days outside of this hour seem to be bombarded by marketing, the you needs, must haves, go and get and must do. Illumine our minds and hearts to discover and hold fast to the true messages you give us God on the journey to Christmas.

We pray for all your children throughout our city and the world over who long for food, clothing, shelter and peace. As we are called to pray, so too we are called to act and seek justice. Open our eyes that we may see when, where and how to help.

Silently now we bring to you our concerns for those people and situations known to us. Comfort and bring healing to the sick, the lonely, those who grieve and the prisoner in body, mind or spirit.

Finally, gracious God, we pray for Your Church throughout your world and our St John's church family. You walk with us on the Advent journey, you're beside us in all our journeys, and so it will be in our journey through Transition and Intentional Interim Ministry. Help us to keep our hearts and minds focused on who and what you call us to be as your children in relationship with you and each other.

We ask all this in Jesus name,


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