We Come to You with What is in Our Hearts Today.

By Lesley Hamilton, February 6, 2011

Good Morning GOD,

We come to you with what is in our hearts today.

We give thanks this morning Lord, for your son Jesus… ‘the light of the world’. We pray, most humbly, to reflect his light, in your glory, as we go about our lives in the coming week.

We ask you, GOD, for ourselves and each other, that as disciples of Jesus, we have the courage to proceed toward right behaviour, with confidence and courage, and BE ‘the salt of the earth’.

We pray sincerely, that the example we set through just action in our lives will draw others to your glory. As Henry Halley wrote about our passage in Matthew today (5:13-20) “The grandest motive a person can have is that his or her manner of life will lead others to glorify GOD”

GOD, we give thanks for St. John’s. We do not take for granted your many blessings upon us. We pray to continue to value each other in this busy, active, and cherished community. Lord, we pray especially today, for those embarking on the 2-year-long Holy and Whole Leadership Course.

We appreciate their boldness of heart to move toward the light of carefree discipleship; their willingness to be transformed is exceptional. May their boundless energy to serve you transform us all!

We pray now, loving GOD, for Egyptians, in Egypt and around the world. We ask that Cairo be relieved of the 2-week long tension, protests and violence in Tahrir Square. We pray that The Council of Wise Men and The Muslim Brotherhood, who are meeting today, behave as their names suggest and have rapport.

We ask you GOD to give these people a patient, and kind manner toward each other; that their secular and religious views be heard… We pray, sincerely GOD, that a servant of yours, place salt at their table.


  Graphic by Elaine Frampton
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