We ask your blessings on this church as we seek our future.

By Sharon Nicolle, November 26, 2017

Lord, we rejoice to be here together at your church to thank and praise you for your gifts: the cold, crisp days interspersed with warm, rainy ones; for friends and family, opportunities for learning and for enjoying the many joys of your world.

Make us mindful though of the many people in our midst and around the world who are unable to do so, who are suffering in body and spirit through no fault of their own. We especially pray for the displaced and persecuted Rohingya of Myanmar and the victims and families of the recent terrible violence in Egypt. Be with them, Lord. And be with caregivers and peacemakers who are trying to bring help, hope and justice where there seems to be none.

God of water, soil and sky, we ask your help for this planet we call home. Show us how to produce energy without greenhouse gases, how to farm and build and travel with environmental awareness, how to waste less and reuse more.

Lord, for Christians, the coming season is one of excitement and joy, as we prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Help us as we witness the commercialization of this holy time, and sometimes feel helpless when the meaning of Black Friday is far, far from the meaning of Your Black Friday.

God of all, we ask your blessings on this church as we seek our future. Be with our committees and our ministers, our visiting and student ministers, our congregation and outreach missions. And hear us now as we open our hearts to you silently, sharing some of our concerns, hurts, or quiet needs...

Help us remember that as the Lord said through the prophet Jeremiah, long, long ago: When you come and pray to me, I will hear you. Praise be to God.


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