We Thank You for this Season of Great Fruitfulness.

By Jim and Lata Hall, September 2011

Lord, we thank you for this season of great fruitfulness, and ask you to help us to see your presence in the beauty and richness of the natural world that is all around us. At the same time, Lord, we ask you to help us remember the need to change the great imbalance in the supply of food in the world: We live in comfortable abundance while many live in shortage, poverty, and starvation. Help us and our leaders to keep this urgent need in front of us especially at the present time when the instability in the World economy can so easily distract and panic us.

Lord, hear our prayer.

We hold up to you all young people returning to schools, colleges and universities. We know this is a challenging time for them as the importance of good steady studying and learning is often hard to see against the attractions of popular culture and instant worldly success. Help all of us Lord, younger and older, to be good and patient mentors of all young people who come into contact with us, passing to them our experience and values as part of our Christian witness.

Lord, hear our prayer.

We ask you to continue to encourage and bless the many activities of our St. Johnís Christian community. We pray always that our plans for physical rebuilding will be acceptable to you. Help us Lord to see and take every opportunity to bridge the gap and encourage our many immediate neighbours who fear the impact of Spirit Place on their lives and homes. Please show us your ways of having this happen. In this time of transition, we give you thanks for the joy of being able to worship in this beautiful place, and for the unexpected coincidence of giving us the new mosque and its people as our very close neighbours.

Lord, hear our prayer.

We hold up to you all who are sick. We ask that our love for them will touch your heart and give you good cause to heal them. In our own church family we hold up to you for healing and remission of cancer NM and DP, and DS for safe and complete recovery from surgery. We also ask you to remember JWís sister C for her safe keeping as she approaches the end of her life. Please be with Cís family too. And Lord, while of course we want to celebrate with JF the advent of her new little one L, we also ask that you comfort J and her family for the unexpected loss of Jís mother. For all of these good people in need, and the others known to each of us personally, we ask you to hear our heartfelt appeal:

Lord, hear our prayer.

We ask all of this, and all of our personal prayers, to be acceptable to you as we give them to you in Jesusí name.


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