The Power of Your Energy and Love Through Us Can Change Most Difficult Situations.

By Katherine Harman, December 4, 2011

Dear God of comfort and hope,

The power of your energy and love through us can change most difficult situations

The community that results creates lasting change that builds and grows

But in our extremely busy and stressful lives we often cannot see your power working in us

As we rush through our days, although we know that change takes time;

We look for immediate fixes to our problems

We often ask for the world to change

We look to you to intervene, to step into our lives and take away our pain

We do not see the power of our community, the god that is you and me

During this Advent season we have concerns about money, security and health

Let us take a moment to reflect on these concerns and the people in our lives


Thank you for the time we have with our community, with our friends and family

Thank you for curiosity and challenge, for compassion and empathy

Thank you for our successes as we address difficult situations, through understanding and patience.

Help us this morning to be open to the word of love and care for each other

Help to open our eyes and our hearts to the comfort and hope we can create for one another

Let us see god and the capacity for change in each of us.


  Power of your energy and love through us: Photo by Morag Bates
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