We Give You Thanks and Praise for the Wonder of What You Have Created.

By Gail Golding, February 21, 2016

God of Creation

We give you thanks and praise for the wonder of what you have created,

The moon and the stars at night, The sunshine and shadow of day,

The changing seasons, The birds at our feeders.

For all of this, dear God, and so much more, We give you thanks.

Holy God,

We are aware that there is much about your creation that is not beautiful,

because of the way that, we as humankind, have used it.

Forgive us when we take the earth and itís systems for granted.

As we become more aware of aboriginal peoples

May we learn from their cultureís deep respect for the earth.

Help us to be humble, remembering that we also are creatures of the earth.

As we journey through Lent, may we be aware of places where your work is being done.

We give thanks for groups here at St. Johnís United and across the country

Who have dedicated themselves to welcoming refugees from violent and war torn places.

We give thanks for the generosity that has made these efforts possible.

May those who come to us find a real home here and may we be open to the gifts they bring.

For hospitals and nursing homes, the hospice being planned for the AST campus,

and all who work with them, we give thanks and pray for their work.

We pray now for people we know who are sick or hurt,

including the one whose eyes lit up when asked if she would like to be prayed for in church;

The one who is looking forward to going home from rehab;

and the one who is home, wishing she could be with us.

For all of these we pray,

Dear God, strengthen them and bless them in whatever way they most need.


  The birds at our feeders
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