Your Celtic People Have This Message in Their Hearts Still.

By Jim Hall, March 1, 2015

Lord, today we celebrate the memory of Saint David, Dewi Sant of Welsh people. We thank you for all the Celtic saints, Patrick, Columba, Aidan, Brigid, Hywel, Melangedd, Winifred, and many, many others. They kept alive your message of love during the Dark Ages in Europe, and are remembered warmly for this today.

Your Celtic people have this message in their hearts still; they have never made or led conquering armies but have conquered souls by love, music, and poetry. We ask your continued blessing on all people of Celtic descent, now widely scattered but still Your salt of the earth.
Lord, hear our prayer.

Lord, we pray for Your safe keeping of young adults throughout the world. We see how vulnerable many are to discouragement making them open to radicalization and other terrible social ills. Please, make our leaders aware that many young people are not gifted for success in the business world but need to hear that other directions in life are equally valid and rewarding.

We remember how many young adults were drawn to service through the Peace Corps of President Kennedyís time, and how LíArche always provide opportunities for rewarding service for young adults as well as providing homes for people with disabilities.
Lord, hear our prayer.

Lord, we ask Your continued protection and relief from this bitter winter. We are physically exhausted by the need just to keep going, and many activities have simply come to a halt.

We ask your particular care for those who live on the streets and those who may have somewhere to sleep but find it hard to pay for enough heat and food.
Lord, hear our prayer.

We pray again for our Christian community at St Johnís: for your care and encouragement to grow spiritually as individuals, and for us to find the right directions and leadership as a community. We thank you as always for so many children and young people who enliven us wonderfully, and pray for your safe keeping of the elderly members of our family, especially those who are unable to join us on Sunday mornings.
Lord, hear our prayer.

This week Your gospel reminds us of the power of jealousy; it is so widespread and the root cause of so many conflicts and worse. Surely when Jesus taught us to pray ĎAnd lead us not into temptationí the temptation to let jealousy determine our words and actions must have been one of the things he had in mind. Lord, we pray for protection from feelings of jealousy at all times.

And our psalm reminds us of the wisdom that comes to us through the Holy Spirit. We thank You both for this and the guidance that comes to us from our teachers and from the written word.
Lord, hear our prayer.

We pray, Lord, that your Spirit will be with all of us in this week to come; that we will be your good representatives in all we do.

We ask all of this in Jesusí name.


  Saint David, Dewi Sant of Welsh people
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