Your Call for Peace and Justice Comes TO Us... and THROUGH Us.

By Janet DeWolfe, December 30, 2012

Loving God,

With awe and wonder we have seen you take human form, in the upheaval of birth, the meagre surroundings of poverty, amidst the worries and joys of parents.

You, Jesus, are no stranger to the mundane and stand out moments in each of our lives. No stranger to joy, sorrow, ache, and gratitude. For this we are thankful, loving God, beloved Jesus, indwelling Spirit, one God.

Your heart is open to all of this world's people.

Your call for peace and justice comes TO us... and THROUGH us.

We see your face in the news, just visible under rubble after another tragedy, or lined up for food.

We see your body when drinkable water and nourishing food revive a village and its people.

We hear your cry when brutality is inflicted on anyone, when women are mistreated. We think of the young woman from India who died from her wounds.

We hear your laughter when people who are unafraid giggle and howl with laughter at no one's expense.

Empower us to believe in our giftedness and to share freely.

Help us to be open to you as you appear in the guise of neighbour, stranger, friend or foe, in an opportunity for good that beckons, in a word, in a knawing, nudging, even outright annoying, itch that asks us to change, to listen, to step into the unknown, even to do something that seems crazy.

Hear us also in silence now, in prayers perhaps too deep to express any other way......

Thank you.

Come Lord Jesus, find us receptive. In whose name we pray.


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