You Bless us with Abundant Life Always.

By Pat Brennan-Alpert, May 6, 2012

Dear God,

You bless us with abundant life always. Every being and creature sees the seeds planted in darkness spring forth now. We hear the voice of the turtledoves here in the city – the same as in the hills of the other holy land. We thank you for sustaining us and our church to this season of rejoicing.

Generous God, we ask your blessing on all beginnings. Bless our children and mothers carrying children. Bless the projects aimed at enlivening our communities. Bless artists, carpenters, scholars, gardeners and all of us creating people. Bless our plans for Spirit Place, Linda’s thesis work, the studies of our inquirers and candidates for ministry. Bless the plans of our committees. Bless those working for peace and social justice. Bless all of us caring for the earth and your people.

God with us, you suffer with and for us. We pray for all who are isolated by pain, fear, anger, grief, hunger, illnesses and despair. Even Jesus, near death’s door, asked “Why have you forsaken me?” We pray that we can be fully included in your work to break isolating barriers and repair broken connections in our families and communities.

Stay with us through the great mystery of death as you do through the great mystery of birth. We pray for Heidi Cleary and her family, Doris Sweet’s family and with them for all those whose loved ones have died. Reopen our hearts to your love. You are with us and we trust that the ones we love are in your bright presence.


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